The game

“Ferrucci's last Battle”

The game dedicated to Francesco Ferrucci

A treasure hunt through the streets traveled by Francesco Ferrucci, in search of the traces left in history by the great leader.
The mobile application “Ferrucci: the last battle” will present two game modes: one set in Gavinana (“In search of the fragments of the chronicle of Francesco Ferrucci’s last battle”), the other in various fractions of the Municipality of San Marcello Piteglio (“Collect the pieces of Francesco Ferrucci’s Armor”).
In the first game mode, you retrace the stages of the battle through the streets of Gavinana (a modest length on foot) together with two likeable characters, Anita and Giovanni, who will reconstruct the historical event during a fascinating treasure hunt that will lead them to find precious historical documents that will literally come to life and come alive on smartphone screens.
In the second game mode we will go in search of the pieces of Ferrucci’s armor, visiting some points of interest in the municipal area, in each of which the virtual guides will tell the basic information about the places.
“Ferrucci: The Last Battle” is available for free for iOS and Android devices. It’s designed to use augmented reality technology, which superimposes virtual elements onto the real world through the camera on your phone or tablet. In this way, players can have an immersive and interactive experience, exploring the streets and places associated with Francesco Ferrucci and collecting historical information along the way.

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