Alessandro Vitelli


Città di Castello, 1499


Citerna (Perugia), 1 February 1554

Alessandro Vitelli

Born in Città di Castello in 1499, the biological son of Paolo Vitelli, in the 1520s Alessandro served various Italian states as warlord. He fought with the Imperial forces in the war of Florence (1529-1530), during which he won a number of battles. He personally took part in the battle of Gavinana (3 August 1530). Later on, Alessandro went on to serve the Medici family, first, then Pope Paul III Farnese. At the end of 1552, he went to serve Charles V who appointed him camp master for his army in Tuscany. Having refused command of the Imperial army after the failure of the siege of Montalcino, Vitelli retreated to his feudal possessions in Citerna, where he died on the 1st of February 1554.

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