Alfonso II Todeschini Piccolomini, duca d'Amalfi


Napoli, 10 March 1499


Nisida (Naples), 17 February 1559

Alfonso II Todeschini Piccolomini, duca d'Amalfi

Alfonso was probably born on the 10th of March 1499 in Naples, of Alfonso Todeschini Piccolomini, Duke of Amalfi and Giovanna d’Aragona. As soon as he came of age he became the ruler of the Duchy of Amalfi and, at a young age, started a military career. During the war of Florence (1529-1530), Alfonso led the troops of the Republic of Siena in support of the Imperial army. Between 1531 and 1541, he served as moderator of domestic politics in Siena; he was, however, deposed from his position due to the growing miscontent because with his actions he was unable to rein in the fighting between city factions. Appointed member of the collateral Council of the Kingdom of Naples in 1554, Alfonso died in his castle on the island of Nisida five years later (17 February 1559).

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