Fabrizio Maramaldo


Naples, 28 October 1494


Naples, December 1552

Fabrizio Maramaldo

Fabrizio was born in Naples in the last decade of the fiteenth century (probably on 28 October 1494), son of Francesco Maramaldo and Francesca Aiossa. The member of an aristocratic Neapolitan family, Fabrizio started his military career in the early 1520s, probably after the murder of his first wife and the subsequent fleeing the Kingdom. After fighting in Lombardy (1523-1524, 1525), Provence (1524), Naples (1527-1528) and Puglia (1529-1530), Fabrizio took part in the war of Florence with a regiment of three thousand infantry soldiers (starting in February 1530). The name Maramaldo is inextricably linked with the battle of Gavinana (3 August 1530), at the end of which he killed the then prisoner of war Francesco Ferrucci. Later on, also at the service of the Emperor, he took part in the Hungarian campaign (1532-1533), in the conquest of Tunis (1535) and war in Lombardy (1536-1538). After resigning from the military career, Fabrizio Maramaldo died in Naples, probably in December 1552.

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