Ferrucci’s death in Lavazza collection cards

Ferrucci’s death in Lavazza collection cards

Following the example of what had been done by Liebig, Lavazza – a celebrated Italian coffe brande - started in 1949 to publish collection cards in 7x11 cm format, which were sold with its products. each set consisted of six collectible images, and the back of each card included a short explanatory text of the picture on the front.

Card no. 6 in series XLV (“Weapons and knights of Italy”) is dedicated to Francesco Ferrucci. On the back there is the following comment:
Francesco Ferrucci with a gruff air, a haughty and violent character, was a splending figure of captain and warriot.
His last battle in Gavinana was hard and full of ups and downs, ending tragically for him, being dragged as he died in front of Maramaldo who killed him. Legend has it that his final words were “Coward: you are killing a dead man” (3 August 1530).
Il Ferrucci, che era nato il 14 agosto 1489 da nobile famiglia del “2° popolo fiorentino” difendeva, se pur inconsapevolmente, con la libertà fiorentina, l’indipendenza d'Italia.

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