Flag donated by the people of Rome to Gavinana


19th century Roman artifact






painted and embroidered fabric

Flag donated by the people of Rome to Gavinana

On 6 October 1847 the people of Rome sent to Gavinana this large banner, more precisely a standard, to add it to “the trophies of the great soldier” – Ferrucci – on the occasion of the Festa delle Bandiere which took place in Gavinana four days later, on 10 October, in a patriotic climate that was becoming increasingly heated, leading a few months later to the First War of Independence. On one side, the standard bears the writing “The people of Rome in memory of Ferruccio”; on the opposite side the Capitoline wolf is depicted. IThe gift was accompanied by a well-wishing letter, signed by the standard bearers for the 14 boroughts of Rome, first and foremost the patriot Angelo Brunetti, also known as Ciceruacchio. This important testimony of our Risorgimento, of which only a reproduction is left today, was stolen from the Museum in 2007.

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