Full-size Ferrucci statue






Second half of the 19th century


terracotta with copper finish

Full-size Ferrucci statue

One of the most iconic works in the Museo Ferrucciano, this all-round representation of Ferrucci has a truly unique history. Not considering the epigraph commissioned by D’Azeglio nel 1840, it is the first real moument dedicated to the Florentine hero, also in this case produced by private initiative after a public subscription - launched in 1867 on the occasion of Garibaldi's visit to Gavinana – had been unable to raise sufficient funds for a statue to be dedicated to Ferrucci. The terracotta work, by an unknown author, dates back to the early Eighties of the 19th century and is characterised by a fairly unusual copper finish, possibly intended to reproduce bronze. In 1885 it was placed in a niche on the facade of the Hotel Pensione Ferruccio, in the village square. the statue was then kept, for several years, in the garden on the Cerimboli family, from where it arrived - as a donation – to the Museum.

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