Gregorio Stendardi, detto “Goro”


Montebenichi (Arezzo), ??


ca. 1581

Gregorio Stendardi, detto “Goro”

Gregorio Stendardi, also known as Goro, was born in Montebenichi (Arezzo) on an unknown date. In 1529, he served in the war of Florence (1529-1530) in the ranks of the Republican army. He fought in the battle of Gavinana (3 August 1530), and participated in the final defence action with Francesco Ferrucci. At the end of the war, Gregorio Stendardi was recruited by the Medicis, serving the family at least until the early 1550s. During the war of Siena (1552-1555), Stendardi was accused of treason on the occasion of the ambush against the Medici forces near Chiusi (22-23 march 1554); he was immediately declared innocent. He died around 1581.

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