Marzio Colonna


ca. 1508



Marzio Colonna

Marzio was born of Ottaviano Colonna around 1508. Marzio fought in the War of Florence (1529-1530) with a large contingent of infantry soldiers in the ranks of Imperial troops. He took part in the battle of Gavinana (3 August 1530), at the end of which he killed Captain Amico Passamonti, prisoner of war, who two years earlier had killed his cousin, Scipione Colonna. After fighting with the Imperial troops in Hungary (1532), Marzio returned to Italy. In 1541 he took part in what is known as the Salt War (1541), between the city of Perugia and the Papal State. In 1544, Marzio Colonna went back to serve the Emperor, taking part in the battle of Ceresole d’Alba (14 April 1544) in Piedmont. He died in 1546.

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