The ring of the cruiser “Ferruccio”

The ring of the cruiser “Ferruccio”

On 23 April 1902, at the Arsenale in Venice, the ship of the Regia Marina “Francesco Ferruccio” was launched, an armoured cruiser of the Garibaldi class, weighing 7460 tons, which remained in service until it was struck off in 1930.

According to ancient Maritime Republic customs, the Francesco Ferruccio was launched decorated by a large bronze righ, symbolising its marriage to the sea.
Thr ring, made by Vittorio De Marchi, was fu produced in the shipyard foundry: 40 cm in diameter, weighing over two kg and a half, in the middle there is a medallion with an idealised portrait of Ferrucci, and on the side the family weapons, surrounded by oak and laurel branches, wih the motto “Let us go where our fate and that of our Motherland beckons us”.
A case was also built for this ring, also in bronze, surmounted by an eagle with wings spread open.

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